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Teamwork and family are at the very heart of this boutique winery. 

Rebecca, alongside her sister Andriana, their mother Irini, and the winery’s dedicated team, have  skilfully brought the family’s longstanding vinous heritage into the twenty-first century, combining a deep respect for their roots with a passion for the highest standards of contemporary winemaking. 

Argyrides’ new generation of winemakers is blending their profound love for wine with the many intricacies of modern viticulture and oenology to put on your table quality wines that are proud to represent Cyprus on the world stage.

The winery’s hope is to build on the visionary work set out by Pambos Argyrides close to thirty years  ago. An ongoing project that first brought the winery into modern times and has allowed it to set its sights on the future, while remaining deeply entrenched in its roots, ones that are steeped in history, family, and heritage.

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