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Eight Hectares of Soul

Argyrides Winery Vineyards
Argyrides Winery Vineyards

If teamwork and family are at the heart of Argyrides winery, its deep-rooted vineyards are its soul. 

To this day, the Argyrides family and team has nurtured and harvested eight hectares of decades-old vineyards, including both local and international varieties such as Maratheftiko, Xynisteri, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Viognier and Mourvèdre, all being caringly taken care of for the production of fine single vineyard and blended wines.

The winery’s prized possession is the Melantzi vineyard, where rows upon rows of old, high-end Chardonnay offer a warm and cinematic welcome to those visiting Argyrides’ vineyards for the first time. Similarly, the Laona vineyard serves as the perfect setting to grow the island’s temperamental variety Maratheftiko, while Rafties, not too far down the road, is home to Mourvèdre, one of the family’s main sources of pride. 

When it comes to vineyards, one of the winery’s most notable achievements was the successful introduction of Viognier to the island. Following many years of hard work by Pambos Argyrides and his team, this classic French variety has shown the potential to create exceptional wines, having adapted remarkably well to the Mediterranean soil, sun, and terroir.

The winery’s team is involved in every step of production—from grape to glass—yet each member understands that it all starts and (potentially) ends in the vineyards. The team has grown a deep understanding of the family’s vines, so they treat each bush or trellised vine with the undying love they deserve. 

Experience the distinct character of each bottle from the winery, revealing the essence of the varieties, the vintage, and the captivating Laona Krasochoria terroir.