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Vasa Village

A Village Steeped in Tradition and Winemaking

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Nestled among the steep hills between Mallia and Omodos, Vasa Koilaniou is a slumbering yet charming village that has maintained its traditional architecture, one that is marked by its cobblestone streets and impeccably preserved limestone buildings.

Known for centuries for its production of high-quality wine and zivania, the village, partly thanks to Argyrides Winery, has kept this reputation intact with more than 40 percent of its surrounding lands still planted with grapes and harvested on an annual basis. Even to this day, some homes retain the centurial winemaking tools such as wine presses and distillers that were used in the past for the production of these spirits.

Walk Vasa’s meandering streets and visit its many churches, some harking back to the 14th and 15th centuries, and you will feel as if you have gone back in time. Despite its quickly dwindling population—only about 160 people lived here ten years ago—Vasa remains steeped in tradition, offering visitors a serene and meditative retreat far from the more touristy, bustling villages in the Troodos mountains.